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We provide a database of suitable job seekers complete with certification and documentation. We also have a searchable database of advertisers to assist in making your job easy.

Inspectors / Magnetic Particle Testing Technicians / Liquid Penetrant Testing Technicians / Radiographic Testing Technicians / Ultrasonic Testing Technicians / Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Testing Technicians / Health and Safety Officers / Field Metallurgical Replication Technicians / Data Capture / Hardness Testing Technicians / Positive Material Identification Technicians / Trainees

Eskom Approval

Do Eskom Approvals quick and easy by requesting the candidates latest CV and Certificates, all the documents that you require to do Eskom Approvals.

Job Seeker database

Are you asking questions like: Will my company be able to supply a large amount of skilled and Approved people in a short time? With Tekusebenta your answer is yes you can! You can view and recruit from the database.


We have multiple categorised service providers to assist with a range of services from accomodation to transport and red ticket medicals.

Certificate verification

How do I know if this certificate is not a fake? You can do a certificate / qualification verification through our website!

Skills Development

As an employer I need to spend money on Skills Development. View CV’s and Certificates of “Trainees” that you would like to send for training. 

Socio Economic Development

As an employer I need to spend money on Socio Economic Development. View organisations under our resources to help you spend better. 

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After viewing our database listing you select a number of individuals that interest you. We supply you with all the relevant information including a full list of current certifications, a CV and verifications.

You are also able to list a job by using our job template. Interested individuals can then respond directly to you for processing. Jobs are featured on a Listing board that all job seekers have access to.

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